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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a love letter to the video game industry. Their slogan "Everyone Is Here" is a bold statement, but game director Masahiro Sakurai has backed it up at almost every turn. The roster of playable fighters was enormous when the game came out in December of 2018, and it didn't stop there.Outside of the characters, there was even more representation through assist trophies and the thousands of "Spirits" that can help your fighters. If that wasn't enough, Nintendo announced that they would be creating downloadable content for the game, making it possible for even more characters to join the fight.

What was announced was a Fighters Pass, that would bring 5 additional fighters to the game. The future of DLC was unknown past that, until recently, when it was announced they would bring even more fighters to the game. So while we know 4 out of the 5 DLC characters on the Fighters Pass, there is more after that to come. Here are 5 characters that I think should be added to the game. This doesn't mean I think your favorite choice shouldn't, these are just characters I have a connection to, and would love to see get a chance to join Smash Ultimate's roster.

5. Sergeant Cortez

  • Franchise: Timesplitters
  • Company: THQ Nordic
Nintendo has brought 3rd part characters to Smash in the past, after Sonic the Hedgehog opened up that door in Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. But it wasn't until the first DLC character for Ultimate that opened another door. Joker from Persona 5 was announced as the first character to appear in a Smash game that had never been on a Nintendo console before. Now that that hurtle has been avoided, someone like Sergeant Cortez from Timesplitters can be added to the fray. He has a unique look, a big gun, and a fanbase from Playstation 2 fans. They've put more obscure characters in the game (like Richter Belmont) so it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

4. Crash Bandicoot

  • Franchise: Crash Bandicoot
  • Company: Sony Computer Entertainment
The two characters that represent the Playstation the best are Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot. Smash has a lot of swordsmen, and anime looking characters. Their cartoonish characters stand out the most. It is just crazy to see Sonic or Pac-Man fight Link from The Legend of Zelda. Crash would fit right in, and add to the madness of seeing all these iconic characters in one game together. While Crash Bandicoot games used to be exclusive to the Playstation, they have now branched out and appeared on Xbox and Nintendo consoles. Crash is already on Nintendo, so for him to appear in one of Nintendo's biggest games wouldn't be that big of a stretch. He would have a very unique moveset, and many video game fans would be delighted in his inclusion.

3. Geno

  • Franchise: Super Mario RPG
  • Company: Square Enix
Geno made one appearance in a Super Mario game on Super Nintendo, and has garnered a cult following ever since. Geno is on nearly every "Smash character wishlist" out there, and this one is no exception. To bring the character home to Nintendo would be a bigger deal than Banjo and Kazooie's homecoming, and that was a big deal. Even people who don't have a connection to the character would be happy about his inclusion, because of what he means to everyone else. Square Enix already has a relationship with Smash, letting Cloud from the Final Fantasy series be a fighter. There were rumors that it was difficult for Sakurai to secure Cloud for Ultimate, so Square Enix might not be willing to have a second character in the game. However, Geno is not a character that is being used by the company, so it would take nothing to dust him off and add him to the roster. Of course, that would cause problems for the next choice too...

2. Sora

  • Franchise: Kingdom Hearts
  • Company: Square Enix/Disney
If it was tough to make a deal with Square Enix, it will be even tougher with the Mouse House involved. Sora is a hugely popular character with a unique weapon and move set. He would be perfect for Smash. The problem comes from all the red tape Sakurai would have to cut through to get him. To please Square Enix and Disney, Nintendo might have to charge $38.95 for him, instead of the usual $5.99. There have been Kingdom Hearts games on Nintendo handheld systems before, so there is a relationship there. If Sora manages to appear in Smash, it would be one of the biggest gets ever, and a "mic-drop" moment for Sakurai. The term "break the internet" gets thrown around a lot, but this might actually "break the internet".

1. Dixie Kong

  • Franchise: Donkey Kong
  • Company: Nintendo
Sorry, not sorry. Dixie Kong is arguably the most popular first party character who isn't in Smash (second at worst, to Waluigi). There are no rights issues, Nintendo owns the character outright. There has been no female representation in the DLC for Ultimate yet either (besides Kazooie). Her inclusion would check a lot of boxes. She would be an awesome character. I would even settle for an echo fighter of Diddy Kong, though she deserves to be an original character. There are rumors that she was almost included in Brawl as a tandem fighter with Diddy before that idea was scrapped. So she has been circling the Smash circuit for over a decade. It's time to bring the Queen of the jungle into the fold. So far, Nintendo has not included any first party characters in their DLC. But Nintendo doesn't follow anybody's rules except their own. I would love all of these characters, but Dixie would be my number one. It would be the easiest one to include from this list, which makes it even more painful that she isn't in yet.

I won't be upset if none of these get included, Smash Ultimate already has so much that I love. Sakurai has poured his heart and soul into this game, and it truly is a love letter to video games. It might also be the biggest crossover ever, in the history of entertainment (sorry Avengers: Endgame). What has been done is truly remarkable, and I am thankful for what we already have. But if any of the 5 of these get included, that would be even better.
5 Characters Who Should Be DLC In SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Reviewed by Matt Vernier on September 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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