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GHOST RIDER Series Not Moving Forward At Hulu

Earlier this year, it was announced that Hulu would be developing a live action Ghost Rider series starring Gabriel Luna, who would be reprising his role as Robbie Reyes from Agents Of SHIELD. This was to be developed concurrently with a live action Helstrom series. However, now it seems that the Ghost Rider series will not be moving forward.

Deadline reports that Hulu has decided not to move forward with the series due to those pesky "creative differences". The series had previously received a full season order before this development.

Hulu is still very much in the Marvel business, with Helstrom still moving forward. They also have Runaways and a slew of animated Marvel series coming, including MODOK from Patton Oswalt (another Agents Of SHIELD alum) and Howard The Duck from Kevin Smith.

It is unclear if the series will be shopped elsewhere, or if the character now has a different fate. There is always a possibility that Kevin Feige might want to snatch him up for the movies, thereby killing any possible series.

There have been two different Ghost Riders who have appeared on screen. Johnny Blaze was portrayed by Nicolas Cage in two feature films, and the aforementioned Robbie Reyes in Agents of SHIELD. If Ghost Rider were to appear in the MCU, it is unclear which character it would be. If they decide to go with Blaze, chances are the role would be recast.

Anything is possible at this point. Things could get resolved, or the character could shift to the MCU for a Disney+ series. He could also have a supporting role in an upcoming movie, such as Blade with Mahersala Ali.

Luna was wonderful as Reyes. A series on Hulu where they could get a bit darker than on ABC, was wonderful news. It is a bummer that they are now at an impasse. The character will appear in a live action capacity again, it is just a matter of how and when.

Source: Deadline
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